Travel To Nice in a Rented Luxury Vehicle

Blending old day charm with urban dynamism, Nice is the capital city of French Riviera. The sun kissed locale is known for its liberal attitude, museums and great cuisine. Splendid sights, fascinating landscapes and local charms define this place.

travel-car-hireIts reputation as a glamorous and engaging place is not an understatement as you are sure to find the best in class hotels, restaurants and lifestyle. When you are heading for a holiday at a place like this, you must consider some of the more popular agencies when you want to rent a luxury vehicle in Nice.

A fascinating seaside location along with retro opulence and great weather makes it a must see. You can enjoy the urban appearance, classy architecture, fleet of restaurants and shops. Full of Riviera vibes, the city has an absorbing and indulging ambiance.

Once you have finalized your wheeled partner in this fabulous destination, it’s time to get footloose and explore the fun here. From sunbathing to a glass of organic wine, the city is ever engaging for its visitors. Here’s a heads up of things you can do:

  • If you are an art lover then this is a great place to enjoy both contemporary and old age artistic selections. Musee d’ Art Moderne showcases Pop art and New Realism. Galerie Jean features local talent while Musee Matisse gives a glimpse of 17th
  • Although pebbly, the beaches offer serene and sunshine atmosphere. You can enjoy evenings here and just sunbath during the day. Check out which locations are covered by Apex:
  • The great wine and dine culture gives tourists some great choices in organic wine. You can find several bistros and restaurants all around the city that offers specialized cuisine and culinary specialties.
  • Famous for its choco-cooning, the spa and wellness centers are worth trying. It’s a great place to cleanse, rejuvenate and indulge in luxurious pampering.
  • The old town is crowded and full of options to give you a glimpse of French culture. You can enjoy shopping and some exquisite stuff here.
  • There is a religious and spiritual side and you can agree if you visit the churches here. Cathedrale Saint, Chapelle Misericorde and L’ Eglise are examples of fabulous architecture and splendor.
  • Socca is the most famous culinary pleasure in France. It’s a chickpea crepe and famous south French cuisine here. It can be enjoyed at some spots like Rene Socca, Chez Pipo and Nissa Socca.
  • You can enjoy some great music at venues like Theatre Lino and Acropolis. Known for its vibrant life, this city is always entertaining.

With this exhaustive list of things to do, all you need is a luxury car rental agency in Nice (follow Apex Luxury Car Hire) and just drive all around. This place is modern yet maintains its retro charm. Irrespective of what part of the globe you belong to, you will surely have a fun time.…

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